Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Flowers

Aren't they pretty? We must have gotton 200 free irises last year from DB's sister, Sandy, and a friend from work. We planted every last one of them. They are yellow and purple. Now they're starting to bloom. Thanks Sandy! The rhodies are starting to burst also. We have red, pink and purple. The red hot pokers are coming up and will start coloring soon. I hopt the Bullock's Oriole stops for a visit. Finally, my rosemary. I've had this plant for about 12 years. Last year it took a hit with the cold and we had to trim it down. But all winter it bloomed. It's been blooming for a couple years now non-stop.
I'm working on EQ6 today. I am putting the finishing touches on my floating star. I hope to get it done soon. Pictures later.