Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've been Revisited!

Yesterday morning I was out getting a load of firewood and saw a yellow streak. I had to see what kind of bird it was. I went into the garage to get a better look out the side window. To my surprise, I had a Western Meadowlark. He came back. I was so pleased, I text'd my DB to tell him. I watched him during the day make his rounds and when he flew into the backyard below the feeders, I grabbed my camera. Isn't he beautiful?
I haven't seen him today so maybe the conditions were just right for him to visit. Last year during our "big" storm he stayed for a week. I hope he comes back.

I need to get motivated today. I really really want to get into my sewing room and finish a wall hanging that's been hanging around for a couple of years. It's almost done. I quilted most of it, then turned it. I'm so directionally challenged, it's the only way for me to do it.

I hope everyone has a Great New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Storm

I'm home nursing an ear infection and my DB calls and asks if it's snowing at the house. I look up and what do you know, yes it's snowing and I was going to go into town for groceries. Not now.

This is the front yard and drive. You can almost see the road.

The back yard. Even the birds took off. They are probably under the Red Hot Pokers. Good cover for them.
Time to put another log on the fire and hunker down. Maybe I'll head for the sewing room and get something accomplished.