Monday, November 23, 2009

Dani's Quilt Grand Finale

I haven't posted in a while so I have lots to talk about. Here's my newest grandaughter with her quilt. She's so adorable, but she sleeps all the time (during the day anyway). And when she's awake, she's hungry.

See she's sleeping. Her sisters just love her.

Even her brother

And grandma-grandma

Oops, her eyes are open.

"Chickens in the Road"

I started reading Chickens in the Road about a year ago. I was looking for anything rustic, back to nature, gardening, etc. I found Suzanne. Visit her blog. She writes wonderfully.

She's asking for her readers to vote for her. She's a single stay at home mom and this is an opportunity for her. Take a look. If you comment on her blog, let her know I sent you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walnuts Galore

I can't believe I've been absent for so long. We picked walnuts a couple of weeks ago. My DB located the owner and was given permission to harvest these walnuts. We got 3 five gallon containers. We set them on our livingroom floor by the woodstove to dry.

Now a couple weeks later after turning them, we put them in bags. They will go out to our pantry and hang until we decide to crack them and freeze them. DB loves zuchinni bread loaded with walnuts. See where this is going? Oh well, I love zuchinni bread also, not to mention everything else I can make with them.
In fact, I think zuchinni bread is on the menu today. Stay tuned!