Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to our family, Danielle!

This is the newest member of our family. Danielle Grace, born August 21. I get to meet her in October when I go to Montana. I can't wait. I really would love to make her a quilt but her mom's comes first. I wonder how old she'll be when she gets one from me. My list of quilts for the family is long and everyone wants one. My two children don't even have one yet. My son saved jeans for me and the whiskey bottles that come in the purple bag with the gold crown them. That's what he wants for his quilt. I finally after two years have come up with a design for it. I had a real mental block about that one. He's being very patient with me. Thank you.Posted by Picasa

Floating Stars and Such

Posted by PicasaI can't believe I've been silent for so long. It's been a hectic summer. Our garden went nuts and still hasn't died down. Between vacation, family visiting, canning, freezing, and work, I haven't been able to sew hardly a lick.
The Floating Star above is a quilt I started 3 years ago for my daughter. I tried to get her to pick another quilt that was finished but she saw this accidently and it was the one she wanted. Now all I have to do is get it done. I'm tired of it. I just want it finished and it's not even half way close. I don't want to make any more stars. I want to alternate blocks with just a block of batik. She wants king size, of course. So this is going on my design wall and it's not coming down until it's finished. I'm going to Montana in October to visit her family and my newest granddaughter. I am also going to spend time with my parents. I hope you don't get tired of this quilt because I've resolved myself to finishing it by October and take it with me.
Do you have any ideas for this quilt, sashing, alternate blocks? I'd love to hear your opinions.