Friday, April 30, 2010

EQ7 is coming soon. Preorder now

Electric Quilt has announced the details of EQ7 on their website, including pre-order prices. Great pre-order prices!

Spring Flowers

Aren't they pretty? We must have gotton 200 free irises last year from DB's sister, Sandy, and a friend from work. We planted every last one of them. They are yellow and purple. Now they're starting to bloom. Thanks Sandy! The rhodies are starting to burst also. We have red, pink and purple. The red hot pokers are coming up and will start coloring soon. I hopt the Bullock's Oriole stops for a visit. Finally, my rosemary. I've had this plant for about 12 years. Last year it took a hit with the cold and we had to trim it down. But all winter it bloomed. It's been blooming for a couple years now non-stop.
I'm working on EQ6 today. I am putting the finishing touches on my floating star. I hope to get it done soon. Pictures later.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Spring

I forgot to post this on the 12th, so here it is. Well it's spring, but only in bits and pieces. One nice day and several rainy and windy. I took these Saturday. My DB started feeding the finches out of my plant hanger. He doesn't particularly like feeding the red wings because they just scatter the seed on the ground, then the feeder is empty. This way we get to see them up close. They are starting to know that we aren't predators and are feeling a little more comfortable around us.

We've had 3 hummingbirds this past week, but today we saw several. Rufous and Anna's. We love watching them and their antics. This time of year we start buying more sugar because they go through it fast.
Our cherry tree is in bloom. We are hoping the bee population will pick up soon so we have cherries to eat. Edited: We now have around 12 hummers. They're so fast it's hard to count. We know that we are refilling the feeders three times a day on the weekends.
We noticed that the weeds my DB has been pulling have started to disappear. We looked up in our carport and noticed a nest being started. Not sure yet what it is. Edited: Well the nest blew down and the finches didn't want to rebuild in the same location.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

EQ6 - No pictures

I've been taking the lesson that the EQ6 User Manual has. I can get through them fine but can't seem to but them into use. What I want to do is work with this quilt. I want to create a center medallion of one of the squares but enlarged. One of the borders will be the squares I've already sewn. I decided I need a class so I've signed up for a beginner EQ6 class on Tuesday. I'm hoping since I've read and done some of the lessons, I'll be able to absorb more info.

I am fixing BBQ chicken sandwiches and coleslaw for this evening. I got the recipes from Picky Palate. They look delicious and I'm hungry for coleslaw. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I won!

THANK YOU so much Keryn from My Country Blog for the really colorful measuring cups and spoons. I've put the to use many times already.