Monday, December 30, 2013

The Blue Heron and Celtic Soltice and Miscellany

Christmas is over and we are awaiting the New Year.  I've been slowly recovering from my foot surgery.  I'm not having to rely on crutches or my knee wheeler.  I still have some swelling and need to keep it elevated.  I'm seeing the doctor on the 5th and I want him to see some progress.  My boot hopefully will come off around the 17th, then I'll be able to drive.  I'm just not use to relying on others for help.  I guess this is a lesson on humility.  I'm learning.

Sunday the chickens were free ranging and making a ruckus in the front yard. I went out there and I think they were worried about this:

This picture is a little blurry because I blew it up to see it.

Here's one as it was flying off

Pretty aren't they?

Celtic Soltice.  What can I say.  We are on Clue 5 of possibly 6-8 clues.  We're not sure, Bonnie's not spilling the beans. After all, she says it's a mystery. I have all of Clues 1,3,4, and 5 completed. I'm still working on Clue 2.

I've been using my Scrappy Triple Irish Chain as my Leader and Ender.  I like the idea of a Leader and Ender and eventually that becomes your main project.  I am working on my sister's quilt and have to put the borders on and sew the appliques on. I should be able to get that done by July, when I see her.

Here's the border design.  I cut them out on day a few months ago when we had a power outage.   This one is from the Fons and Porter magazine.

 Last of all but definately not least.  I won this Japanese clone on ebay last night.  I just not sure which Singer model it is a clone of.  I need to find out so I can get a manual and learn some about it.  I'm excited to get it.  I did send the Seller a link on how to package a machine for shipping.  She's mailed a couple but I just wanted to make sure this arrives in one piece.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Part 4 CS Mystery

This Mystery has been slow going for me.  I have to elevate my foot often and it seems that I only last about 30 minutes at a time standing or sitting.  I've finished step 1 and 2 and have about half of step 3 and 4 completed.  I'm enjoying the Mystery so far and surprised to hear that we will be putting some of it together soon.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and my family celebrates the Eve.  We will have our traditional pound cake with a bean in it ( from my paternal grandmothers side), goulash and lefse from my maternal grandmother's side.  I enjoy the traditions, it makes me feel close to my family, those here, out of state and not here.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celtic Soltice Step 3

It's been a week since my foot surgery and I am slowly getting around.  I have been having to use an rolling office chair and now a knee walker.  I am horrible on crutches.

Step 2 Chevrons are still in the making.  I have 20 completed.  I think they are turning out great.

Step 3 Pinwheels are coming along, although I have only finished 6.  This is an exciting mystery.  I can't
wait until I can stand on my own and get to cutting, ironing, and sewing.

I am using the pinwheels and my scrappy Irish Chain as my L&E.  I think I'm liking this method of quilting 2 quilts at once.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtice Solstice Step 2

We received our instructions for Step 2 of our Mystery Quilt on Friday.  Thursday I spent having a bunion removed from my foot.  I was able to get a couple of my fat quarters in to my bedroom and since I didn't have access to my rotary cutter or sewing machine, I marked and cut a couple of my pieces.  I marked my quarter  and hand sewed a couple of blocks.  I see where one is flipped. I can fix that when I can stand and move a round a little.  I've  never done any hand sewing except for binding so this was an experience.  I'm not sure how to start or stop.  So I started in from the corner and backtracked.  Then in the end I retraced a couple of  stitches.  I didn't tied off.  I hope this is good.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery, Wk 1

I picked my fabrics, joined the Celtic Solstice FB group, printed my first clue and here I am!  I decided to make the Small size quilt.  I have all the orange backgrounds cut for a large, but I want to make some progress with this mystery.  I will probably use the pieces for the large as my leader and ender later on.  Now my leader and ender is my scrappy Irish Chain.  I have used mostly my stash for this mystery, only purchasing a couple of fat quarters in orange.  I have a great stash, that will most like last me a lifetime. Pictures?  Okay,

It's not to late to start.  Go to Bonnie Hunter's blog and choose the Celtic Solstice tab.  The mystery will only be up until June.  The facebook page is private but you probably can ask to join.  

My Leader and Ender project is the scrappy Irish Chain.  It comes from Bonnie's book.

Irish chain project
Order any of her books directly from her site and I've heard she autographs each one.

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