Friday, August 1, 2014

What's Been Happening in My Realm

Since I posted last, I have had foot surgery and hired a website designer.  She has been developing a website for me for my longarm quilting business.  I never realized what a long road this is.  We started in January.

In July, I got a new do, retired and moved back  to Montana, my homestate.  I am now in the same state as most of my relatives, Mom, Brother, Daughter and her family (4 grandkids), uncles and aunts. So far I am enjoying it.  I am also looking for a place to live that can house my longarm.  Seems that with all the Balkin activity the housing is a premium here.  I have a few people looking for just the right place.

I hope to be blogging more now that I am more or less settled.  Packing a household took me 5 weeks along with working.  That is something I had said I never wanted to do was move.  It's so painful.

I said goodbye to some friends.

Also in July, we had a family reunion.  My daughter and her husband helped me to pull it off.  It had been in the planning stages for a year.  We had 60 people show up for the weekend.  It had been ten years since I had seen everyone.  New additions, husbands, wives and children had grown up.
My second granddaughter putting chalkboard fabric name tags on some aprons.
My oldest granddaughter tyedying a couple of t-shirts for our white elephant exchange at the reunion.

On my last drive to Montana in July, I took the scenic route, took my time.  I wasn't in a hurry.

I followed part of the Lewis and Clark trail out of Kennewick, WA, heading toward Lewiston, ID.  This trail was also labelled Nez Perce Trail.  The scenery was wonderful.  Such a contrast to I-90 through Washington.
I headed to Kamiah and on up thru Lolo, Montana.  This was a great drive.  I've only taken it one other time in the winter.  It was night and I didn't appreciate any of it.

Well that's the last few months in a nutshell.  I hope to be posting more often.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Quilting Retreat

Wow I can't believe it's the middle of April!  How time flies.  I've been busy with my website designer on my Website.  It should be launched in a few weeks.  I never knew how much goes into the design.  Michelle is a superwoman with all her knowledge.

We've gotten our tree trimming done and just in time.  The blooms are spectacular.

This is one of our apple trees.

I've had to thin the rhubarb as it had already started to bolt. I hope I get lots for pies, coffeecake, freezing and canning.

I can taste it now.

I spent last weekend at the Tualatin Valley Quilt Guild Retreat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, food, camaraderie and quilting.  Our long weekend was held at Tilikum Christian Camp outside of Newberg in Yamhill County.  I snapped a couple of pictures of some of the gals....

There were 37 quilters.  We took up two floors.  We had a white elephant exchange which was great.  The competition for a couple of the gifts was extreme.

In the mornings I stepped outside and just enjoy the dawn.  Across the highway from the retreat was a farm.  The roosters were crowing from dawn till dusk.  You can't see the farm from the video, but the scenery is wonderful.

I've got bread in the oven so I need to get it out.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Our weather is suppose to be beautiful.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Making Kahlua

Edited:  I can't believe I spelled Kahlua wrong.  

As I reached for the Kahlua last night to splash into my hot Black Mango Tea, I noticed how in need I was of replenishing my stock.

This is an emergency.  If I make Kahlua, it's recommended that it age for about 3 weeks.  Even if I make it today, this supply will not last.

Even so, I decided not to wait any longer.  You can see how I make Kahlua on this post.

Ahh, it's made so now I need to mark my calendar.  March 8th.

I save all bottles with a screw cap.  I even used the Clear Springs bottle I just poured into my mixture.  I didn't even wash it.  I'll bet that one will be just a little better than the others.  If you make Kahlua, I would love to hear how you make it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celtic Soltice Mystery Revealed and My Design Wall

The Mystery wasn't to be revealed until last Friday, but Bonnie couldn't wait.  I had just finished up all my clues and was looking forward to no sewing until Friday.  Well the group on Facebook couldn't resist showing how some of their tops were going to look.  So I gave in and put a few up on my Design Wall to take a picture.  Here's mine:

Some of the quilters are turning every other Birds in the Air block.  I kinda like the look so I'm going to turn some of mine and see how I like the look on my quilt.

Only the chevrons in the block are turned to make the new block.  I'll have to put more blocks up and get a bigger effect in order to decide.

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