Monday, September 19, 2011

Do You Need a Nestbox?

A nestbox for chickens.  I would love to win this three hole nestbox.  My little girls have started laying and I would like to revamp my nesting scenario.  I'm entering.  Here's your chance.  Go to Life on a Southern Farm and see the nestboxes they make.

photo courtesy of Life on a Southern Farm

Tomato Juice

I have not been feeling well and didn't think I would get this accomplished.  But the garden can't wait so I forged ahead at a slow speed.  I have more tomatoes to can so that will have to happen after work this week.  One canner at a time.  These are my Romas.  I have some Beefsteaks left to do.  My son brought them over from his garden.  It was welcome because this was not a good year for my tomatoes.  Seems like most of then have rot on the bottom.  My mom said it was "blossom rot" from inconsistent water.  I haven't looked this up yet but it's frustrating because I'm all out of tomatoes in the pantry.  We are on an irrigation system for our household and 5 others.  When our landlord irrigates his crops, we get water.  This year he grew grass seed, garlic, green beans and it looks like field corn for seed.  We had great water the beginning of the season, but after he harvested the green beans, he didn't need to water the other crops very often.  We've had water off and on, three weeks off, then on for 2 days, off, on, currently off.  I've spot watered with the household water.  The beets,  cukes, and green beans are ok, it just the tomatoes really suffered.  I glad my son is helping his ole mom out with produce.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will I Get Eggs Today???

I was sitting out on my back patio this morning talking to my mom and I kept hearing this whoosh noise. I thought it was coming from inside the house. Well it wasn't, it was coming from the field beside my house, just out of eyesight.  When I walked out to the yard I saw...

The chickens were going nuts.  They kept running to their house, in and out and squawking, running into each other.  The people in the baskets were waving, unaware of the commotion below.  The girls really didn't like this disruption to their normal, quiet routine.  I hope this commotion won't hold them back from their laying.  They have been so good lately giving me from 3-6 eggs a day.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Just beyond the line of trees in the background is the Willamette River.  They need to get their lift so they can clear the treeline.  Then they like to follow the river, which is about 80 below the bottom of the treeline.  They all made it.  I hope they don't do this on a regular basis.  The chickens will loose all their feather and quit laying if they feel a threat.  I don't know this for real, but they are really sensitive.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

French Cut Green Beans

I'm canning french cut Green Beans today.  Of course it's suppose to be 90 degrees today.  Isn't that the way it goes?  I've already done 7 quarts and have another 7 quarts in the pressure canner.