Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day-Ahead of Schedule

My mom mentioned a while back that the apron she got from my paternal grandmother was wearing out. She wasn't able to button it anymore because the fabric was so worn. I had my daughter take some pictures on her phone and send them to me. I had seen the apron but hadn't paid a lot of attention to the details of it. After I got the pictures, I started surfing the net for the "right" apron. I found it at MOMSPatterns. After getting the apron, I thought this would be great out of 30's fabrics. The pattern is Simplicity 9206, probably from the 70's.

I made her two. I still need to put the bias tape on the arms and buttons and buttonholes.

I'll iron them before I put them in the mail. I figure I need to send them Tuesday in order for her to get them by Mother's Day.