Friday, April 26, 2013

Beautiful Day!

I've been in work mode for months now.  I haven't had any gumption to blog or post on Facebook.  Today is my day off, it's beautiful, sunny and promises to be warm.   I have put off buying some shoes for months.  I hate shopping, any kind, except maybe fabric.  Even then, I shop online.

I found my clothespins and have laundry on the line.  I love looking at it in the sunshine.  I have a chance to talk to my girls when I'm hanging laundry.

They are so happy to see me,  Probably more so if I had a bowl in my hand,  They usually ignore me after a bit.
The babies are doing fine.  They are thriving under their adopted mother's care. The other hens leave them alone, or else Mama will school them.

Just home from the store.

 Second day at our place.  Mama and babies are doing great.
I think this was their first day out.  They loved it. Now they only go in at night.

These pictures aren't too good.  The fencing is in the way and the light is too bright.  But the chicks are doing great.
Oh ya, I remember where I was going with this - - -
My clothes!  Funny how I pin them but it so I don't have any pin marks after they've dried.

Well I guess I need to get ready to leave the house.  I have some grocery shopping and shoe shopping to do.

I hope to get back so I can do some sewing.  I've cut out a couple a tanks for Doug but have to get some clear elastic tape for the neck.  I bought some but I can't find it.  I also have a quilt on the longarm that I hope to work on some.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Drop in and let me know how your day is shaping up.