Friday, August 1, 2014

What's Been Happening in My Realm

Since I posted last, I have had foot surgery and hired a website designer.  She has been developing a website for me for my longarm quilting business.  I never realized what a long road this is.  We started in January.

In July, I got a new do, retired and moved back  to Montana, my homestate.  I am now in the same state as most of my relatives, Mom, Brother, Daughter and her family (4 grandkids), uncles and aunts. So far I am enjoying it.  I am also looking for a place to live that can house my longarm.  Seems that with all the Balkin activity the housing is a premium here.  I have a few people looking for just the right place.

I hope to be blogging more now that I am more or less settled.  Packing a household took me 5 weeks along with working.  That is something I had said I never wanted to do was move.  It's so painful.

I said goodbye to some friends.

Also in July, we had a family reunion.  My daughter and her husband helped me to pull it off.  It had been in the planning stages for a year.  We had 60 people show up for the weekend.  It had been ten years since I had seen everyone.  New additions, husbands, wives and children had grown up.
My second granddaughter putting chalkboard fabric name tags on some aprons.
My oldest granddaughter tyedying a couple of t-shirts for our white elephant exchange at the reunion.

On my last drive to Montana in July, I took the scenic route, took my time.  I wasn't in a hurry.

I followed part of the Lewis and Clark trail out of Kennewick, WA, heading toward Lewiston, ID.  This trail was also labelled Nez Perce Trail.  The scenery was wonderful.  Such a contrast to I-90 through Washington.
I headed to Kamiah and on up thru Lolo, Montana.  This was a great drive.  I've only taken it one other time in the winter.  It was night and I didn't appreciate any of it.

Well that's the last few months in a nutshell.  I hope to be posting more often.

Thanks for visiting.