Saturday, February 21, 2009

Judy's Quiltathon Feb Day 1

I'm going to attempt to quilt this weekend and have decided to post my progress. I have a busy Saturday already in store for me. So far, here is my progress. I have started with the half square triangles for Judy's Bear in the Farmhouse. And here is a portion of the half square triangles in process. 192, wow, will I ever get done? Yes, maybe not today, but for sure by next week.

I also have made a committment to help a 5th grade class make a quilt for an auction they are having. The kids are making appliques that go on a background of white 8 inch blocks. I found out I don't have any white, so while I'm doing an errand today, I will pick up some white fabric for their quilt project. Picture to come later.