Friday, April 29, 2011

Eggs and Escapees

It seems like my hens are starting to get "with the program" Eggs that is. Consistently within the last week I've been getting 3 eggs. Yesterday, they surprised me with 5 eggs. Now to get the other two to become "team players". I know one of the hens that isn't a team player is Cleo.
She's a loaner. She wasn't part of the family we got the rest from so she's inserted herself as the Queen, hence her name "Cleo".

For the last 3 days now we've had a Roo and a couple of hens escape from their yard. I think they must be flying over. I've yet to catch them in the act. The weekend's here tomorrow and maybe I'll be able to watch them and find where our weak spot is.

Meanwhile, the chicks are doing very well. DB made a larger box for them in the garage. He hung one of my songbird feeders up for them and we've got a couple of ideas for a better waterer for them.
Look at his comb. Can you tell at this age (3wks) if its a roo from the comb?
This is one of the runts. He/she is small but sure fiesty. He/she holds its own with the larger one.

This is the other runt. I can't believe how they are growing. Their feathers are growing out. Their heads, I've heard are the last to get feathers.

I've been looking online to see what kind of chicks these are. I can't tell. They probably have to grow some more before I can tell. Some of them have the regular yellow legs and feet, some have green and some have black. They sure are a menagerie.