Friday, March 13, 2009

BOM Club

Decided to go to my BOM today instead Saturday. We're suppose get monsoon type weather tomorrow and I don't want to drive about 60 miles in the rain. I have a coupon that I want to take advantage of. I will probably get some batting.

My beau and I planted a ton of iris last week. We think they've already started growing. I doubt it, probably wishful thinking.
The first photo are the irises. We got about 100 from my Beau's sister gave them to us. I think we ended up with twice as many because we split them. We planted them by the fence because of the weeds that migrate over the fence from the field on the other side.
The second pic are of some bulbs that have started growing from what we planted last fall. Don't know what they are. Again some hand-me-downs from another sister. The have some light lavendar blue-bell type flowers on them.