Sunday, March 29, 2009

Too Much To Do

Here it is Sunday already and I feel like I haven't done anything yet. I was going to finish my Bears in the Farmhouse top and so far I have two more borders to go. I'll get one of them done. I did get the back washed and dried for it. It is a purple batik. It's going to look wonderful. I'll put a picture up once I get the top completed. That's it for sewing.

I'm making bread now and going in and out of the house washing clothes and seeing what I can do to help my beau who's outside working. He's mowing the yard and is going to try this new thatcher blade we got yesterday. We are trying to improve the grass and getting rid of the moss and the grass we don't like.

The hummingbirds are here! We have around 8 of them that we can count. I put up another feeder and they are fighting over it. No surprise there. They are very territorial, but lots of entertainment.

I hope everyone's weekend went like you planned. Even though I didn't get any one single thing done, I did do a lot. I even relaxed. See you soon.