Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I called my father this morning and he informed me that when I come to visit next week, "I'd better not bring any rain with me!" My family lives in Montana and it's been raining, lightening, and thunderstorms continuously for weeks. They want some "Big Sky".
My Dad. This wasn't his best picture. It was late on the Fourth of July and he was tired and not used to all the grands and great-grands not to mention all the fireworks. My SIL and Nephew in law seem to try to outdo each other every year with Who can get the most and the best and the loudest. Since fireworks are outlawed in town, everyone gathers at Mom and Dad's. We eat, play, the little ones wade in the pool and then the show begins. It's a great time.
Have a GREAT DAY DAD, I'll see you soon!