Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Sunday, Where Did the Weekend Go?

I've been busy this weekend trying to finish a quilt. I have till 5pm today to get it done. Then K is coming to get it. Pictures later. But what would a post be without pictures. I've also been reading a weekly tutorial by Sue ( So early Saturday and Sunday I've been taking some pictures. Take a look:

The first on is an Bullocks Oriole. He's so quick, it was hard to get any pictures. He does like our Red Hot Pokers. He goes from one to another. When this poker is mature, it'll be yellow on the bottom and red on the top of the cone. The hummingbirds like them also. My DB wanted a picture because he thinks it's a tanager and he wants to debate the issue. It couldn't match the Stokes Bird Book any better, but it'll be fun to hear his argument. The second is a female Grosbeak. I wonder why the males are always prettier that the females. I think it's because they need all the help they can get.