Friday, July 29, 2011

Chaos Averted

Wow, There was chaos in our henhouse and has been for a couple of weeks. We got 11 chicks from a friend and of then only 4 turned out to be females. Well the crowing and the procreating was getting to be very cut throat. We had time on Tuesday and took 6 roosters to the auction. Good thing is they sell and you don't have to take any back home with you. We kept one Brama (Long John) for our rooster. From what I've read, they are pretty docile. (I hope). He crows like a sick foghorn but I'm sure he'll master that. The girls are much more settled now. They didn't have a second of peace with all the males in the pen. I had only been getting from 1-3 eggs a day because of the chaos. Yesterday I got 5! That meant all my laying hens except Cleo (she has 3 chicks she's raising) are laying again. Hoorah!

Here are the boys who went to auction.