Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chicken Ahead

This morning I was reading this post about making chicken for a week of meals and decided to try it.  I have done this with Chicken Tetrazzini.  The Chicken Tetrazzini recipe makes enough for five meals.  I substituted chicken for the turkey.  I labelled each container and then froze them.  It was great to come home after work and be able to have a good meal without all the prep.  It was such a great experience that I decided to try Dicky's Chicken for a week.  Once the chicken has defrosted some, I will take out the giblet bag and the tray packing.  You can see it on the chicken in the front.

The chicken is in the roaster and it's Saturday, so I have time to do this.  I was glad that I had whole chicken in the freezer.  I bought these for $.79 a pound.  I buy the limit everytime they come on sale and of course, space availability in the freezer.

Now, I have all day to finish my quilt.  I've been saying this for two weeks.  It's a quilt I'm donating to the St. Paul Parochial School Auction.  It'll be held February 4. So you won't be hearing about it after that.  Then I'll be on another UFO (unfinished project).

I should be able to take if off the longarm today and make the binding and attach it.  I can make it.

How is everyone's Saturday?