Saturday, February 15, 2014

Making Kahlua

Edited:  I can't believe I spelled Kahlua wrong.  

As I reached for the Kahlua last night to splash into my hot Black Mango Tea, I noticed how in need I was of replenishing my stock.

This is an emergency.  If I make Kahlua, it's recommended that it age for about 3 weeks.  Even if I make it today, this supply will not last.

Even so, I decided not to wait any longer.  You can see how I make Kahlua on this post.

Ahh, it's made so now I need to mark my calendar.  March 8th.

I save all bottles with a screw cap.  I even used the Clear Springs bottle I just poured into my mixture.  I didn't even wash it.  I'll bet that one will be just a little better than the others.  If you make Kahlua, I would love to hear how you make it.