Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring's Come in Like Gang Busters!

This Robin family has already fledged. Mama has a new batch she's working on. This nest is right outside our bedroom window. In the morning I open the shade and tell her Good Morning. I usually look in on her often when I'm home.

I was driving into town last week and counted nine crimson clover fields. I had my camera with me so I found a spot to take some pictures. They are lovely.

These pictures really don't do the colors justice.

This swallow nest appear within three days. She built her nest almost under our front door. I'm sure she doesn't like the interruptions of us coming and going.

And one of my favorites........

This is one of my Rhodies. Isn't it pretty. I love the color.

Enough for now. I've been taking lots of pictures. I'll get them all online this weekend. Until then.....