Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where Did May Go?

Wow. I've been sooo busy, I took a breath and it's almost June. Well all was not lost. We've had company for about 2 wks of it. So cleaning, dusting, straightening up, cooking and visiting. We had one BBQ when my DB's sis came to town from the Stockton area. We had lots of family over and combined it with my son's birthday. He turned 28. Now that's hard to fathom. My baby grew up on me.
We played horseshoes, dominos and darts. Ya, and ate. Like usual, I fixed way too much. But hay, I didn't have to cook for a week. Makes sense to me.
Nothing quilty to talk about. Nada. I've been wanting to get in my sewing room but no such luck.
Maybe next week.