Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chicken and Chick Happenings

It's been a week and I think the hens and Fonzi are liking their new home. We let them out of their yard everyday that it's nice, so they can scratch. When they see me coming around 5, they scurry to the opening. They know what seeing me means. The rooster likes his harem and is exerting himself daily. When they go to far, out of our established area, we (DB and myself) herd them back. Fonzi has challenged DB a couple of times. He didn't win, but when he backs off, he crows and thinks he's won. NOT.

Now the chicks we got from a friend are a week old and they growing my leaps and bounds. We've also been letting them out of their space onto the patio for some exercise and sun. They love it. They exercise their wings and investigate. They don't like the grass, yet. I'm sure they will as they get bigger.
We have 11 and they are thriving. One has green legs and feet. I'm thinking he must be an "Easter Egger" as I've heard them called. I tried to get a short video, but I can't figure out my camera, yet.

On the egg front. We've been getting 3 eggs a day now for the last 4 days. They are all consistently bigger than store bought extra large. The hen that laid the first two hasn't laid again. (bad picture) Her's were perfect. Not sure why she's taking a leave of absence. I hope she starts back up again.