Monday, December 19, 2011

Ramblings from last week

I worked 4 days last week, then I'm off (from work) until January 3.  I've never had a staycation before.  I always went somewhere.  This time off kind of took me by surprise,  I guess I didn't plan my summer time off very well.  Well I have lots to do.

I have several quilts I'll be finishing.
This is my daughter's quilt.  It's on the longarm now with only the borders and binding left to do.

Not a quilt but I have two of these to finish for my grandson's cub scout troop.  They are using them to put their badges on.

My number two granddaughter's quilt.  She's graduating from a lap to a double size quilt.  The top is all that is done at the moment.
This quilt top will be donated to Saint Paul's Parochial School auction in February.

This one, when finished will be for a co-worker of Doug's.  She picked it out so it's not a surprise.

So, I have a lot to do this week and next.  I really need to get the last two done first, but my daughter's quilt is already on the longarm, so that one will be first.

I have just a small amount of baking to do.  I've made my fruitcake, and several cookies already.  I had planned on making up plates for the next door neighbor, mail lady, and a couple people from Doug's work, plus my son.   But...... I only have a very small cache of cookies left.  Doug has been eating them like they are going out of style.  So I have cinnamon roll batter in the fridge and those will go as gifts instead of cookies.
Cowboy Cookies and Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies

Yesterday, we sort of took the day off and relaxed.  We got a used roll of fencing from a friend of mine and plan on using it to expand the chicken yard.

You can't even see that it's fencing for all the weeds in it, but the chickens love it.  PJ (Plain Jane) the white chicken is climbing up the fencing to see if there is anything edible up there. We hope to get the fencing put up this week.

Below are the newest additions to our coop.  We got these from my son.  One is a Red Wynadotte, Black Wynadotte, and an Ameracona.  They are assimilating but it's a slow go.  

Below is Olive Oil.  She is about six months old and a regular layer.