Monday, December 31, 2012

My Design Wall December 31, 2012

Not on my design wall but a completion none the less.  This is my last finished quilt from my UFO list of 2012.  Judy called for Number 2 in May.  This is my grandson, Jessee's quilt.  When they were here this fall, he decided that he liked this one better.  So the original number 2 is not done, yet.  Jessee's new quilt wasn't a UFO, it was a Color Pallette Challenge.  She named hers Sweet Tart and I named my Skittles.  It was a project in conjunction with Vicki's May  Color Pallette Challenge.

I posted earlier about my tension problems.  I finished it but still had a lot of thread breakage.  Jessee choose the back and since I didn't have enough for the whole back, I pieced it.  I think it turned out good.

I think Jessee will love it.

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