Monday, December 31, 2012

What's Cooking Sweet Potatoes

Judy started posting a weekly What's Cooking challenge to her blog and is tempting us to join her.  Each week on Wednesday, she'll call out the main ingredient.  It's our challenge to make something with that ingredient.  This week it was
 sweet potato.  

I've had a craving for Thai Curry lately and thought this was just the ticket for sweet potato.  Usually it's made with potato but I've made it with squash and sweet potato before,  It's delicious.

I had a packet of yellow curry spice in my freezer and a chicken thigh thawed.  I diced up some onions, sweet potatoes and chicken and sauted in a skillet with a little oil.  I added a little water and covered the skillet until the chicken was done.  Then added some stir fry vegetables.  After the vegetables and chicken was done, I added the curry spice and a can of coconut milk.  I heated it through and served it with steamed rice.

I'm all set up in front of the television ready to watch a movie.  I haven't decided what yet but I'll find something,.  By the way....this is delicious.