Monday, May 7, 2012

My Design Wall May 7

I decided to join Judy's Sweet Treat Quilt Along.  I know, another project? I don't have the rest of my unfinished projects completed and I'm starting another.  I can't help it.  If any of you missed her post the link above will take you there.  I didn't get the 30 blocks done she suggested.  I've got alot cut out and I maybe able to do some after work this next week.  Although, the weather's suppose to be wonderful.

In other news, We got 3 3wk old chicks.

In other news, We got 3 3wk old chicks.  They stayed in the garage for a couple of days and nights and Friday we took them to the coop with the older hens.  They were let out of their cage this morning and everything's going well.  In fact, we even discovered a broody chicken tonight.  She sqwaked and screeched at Doug as he was gathering eggs.  So we picked out 6 nicely shaped (not cylindical nor pointed ends) ones from different hens.  Maybe by June 2nd we will have more babies.  I hope so.

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