Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arin's Quilt

The quilt that I have been enamored with from Fon's and Porter is going to my sis.  She's so excited to be receiving it.  She'll have to pick it up when she comes stateside next summer.

Today, I'm working on the border but without the border fabric.  It's on order.  But I am preparing my applique for the border.

This is an alternate border design in the magazine for the border.  I love it and my batiks will look great in the shapes.
I really need to be working on quilting my son's quilt.  I found the backing wasn't large enough for the top.  The fabric was ordered and received.  I have no excuses.  Today, I will add the extra to the back and I have decided, after watching Eleanor Burns that the quilting will be only a single embroidery design placed strategically around the quilt.  I've decided which design I want to use already.  701.  That's so I won't forget or in case my post it gets lost.

I was looking for a picture and couldn't find one.  So I took on of the top and back.



Today is GET 'R DONE

Have a great day everyone.