Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Design Wall 9/2/2013

This is my design wall as of Monday evening.  It is a quilt I saw Liz Porter demonstrate on Fon's and Porter Love of Quilting Saturday.  She names it Emily's Wedding Quilt.  It is made up of two blocks to create a secondary pattern.  TheShoFly block and the 54-50 or Fight block.  She used repro 30's fabric and I'm using my batiks.  After looking at the picture of these blocks, I find I need to replace a triangle square in the second secondary pattern block.  It is too light and looks like the block isn't finished.  I have since taken all that batik out of the mix.

I don't have a person in mind yet for this quilt.  It will most likely only be a double or queen.  It just depends on how long it takes and if I get bored and want to start something new.

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