Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtice Solstice Step 2

We received our instructions for Step 2 of our Mystery Quilt on Friday.  Thursday I spent having a bunion removed from my foot.  I was able to get a couple of my fat quarters in to my bedroom and since I didn't have access to my rotary cutter or sewing machine, I marked and cut a couple of my pieces.  I marked my quarter  and hand sewed a couple of blocks.  I see where one is flipped. I can fix that when I can stand and move a round a little.  I've  never done any hand sewing except for binding so this was an experience.  I'm not sure how to start or stop.  So I started in from the corner and backtracked.  Then in the end I retraced a couple of  stitches.  I didn't tied off.  I hope this is good.

I linked this post to Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt and to Judy's Design Wall.

Don't forget, I can start receiving your quilts in mid January. See my special on the left column of my blog.  Now let's see what everyone is doing.