Monday, February 13, 2012


My hens have finally started producing.  It seemed like it was a long dry spell.  Had it not been for my young laying pullets laying almost everyday, we would have been skunked.  Now of my 15 hens, I have been getting anywhere from 4-9 eggs daily.  When we gathered the eggs last night, we counted 10 eggs. That is an all time high for us.  That means that some of my older hens are laying.  Which ones, we don't have a clue. I'm so glad I talked Doug into culling the end of March.

I think this is great!  I've been selling my eggs faster than I can bring them to work.  This last week I was able to bring in 3 dozen and still have some for our personal use.  This week, I'll probably take in 4 dozen.  I'll find out where the saturation point is for eggs at work.  No matter, I'll find inventive ways to use them if that happens.

For now...Atta Girls!

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